Hello world!

Welcome everyone- especially visitors from Early Runner.  I’m still up early to get my run in, but my goals have changed so I thought my blog should change, too.  The short story is that I decided distance running wasn’t working for me, and I wanted to back off and focus on strength training, flexibility, and nutrition.  I’m still running but shorter distances and less frequently.   If you want the long story, it’s on the  About Me page.  

First and foremost, this new blog is about my attempt to find balance in eating and exercise.  But there are a lot of blogs like that out there.  My second goal is to conduct a few experiments of one that I haven’t seen out in blog land so far.  

The first one is to experiment with a lower carb diet.  I say lower because I’m still going to eat tons of fruit and vegetables- I’m just interested in cutting out grains.  This is very different from my old diet so it’s going to take some experimenting to find a new way to cook and order in restaurants that works for me.  I’m interested to see how this affects both my body composition and my attitude toward exercise.  In the past, I’d get in a cycle where I’d eat too much and feel I had to exercise a bunch to compensate, which caused me to eat too much again.  I’m hoping this new style of eating will help me feel comfortable taking time off exercise if I’m tired or injured or life just gets in the way.

The second one is to see if I can still improve my running over short distances without cranking out the miles.  I’m planning to do one interval run, one tempo run, and one longer run (still under an hour) each week.  Obviously I’m not going to be running any marathons on that kind of training schedule, but can I still improve at the 5k?  I’m interested to see.

I hope you are interested in following along.


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