Taking it easy

Sunday is my scheduled rest day.  I usually have one of two problems on rest days.

1. I either am so exhausted from my workouts the week before that all I want to do is lay around and watch 8 hours of re-runs of The Office or

2. I’m not so exhausted from my workouts the week before and all I can think about is wanting to run so I don’t feel guilty about eating lunch.

Right now I’m falling into category 2.  Because I didn’t do a super long run yesterday, I still feel quite energetic.  However, I refuse to let myself fall into the no-run guilt trap today.   I’m going to eat fruits, vegetables, and lean protein (no grains) today so I can feel confident that I’m not going to overeat, and I’m going to channel my energy into other activities like doing some housework, practicing piano, getting ready for work tomorrow, and maybe taking a leisurely walk.

It’s going to be a challenge because I’m forcing myself to change some old habits.  For example, my go-to breakfast has always been oatmeal with fruit.  Today I’m going to have an egg white omelet with fruit.  I’m replacing one thing I enjoy with another thing I enjoy, but I still had thoughts about making oatmeal this morning.  Another example is we usually go out to lunch after church on Sundays.  Most of the time I order something “bready”- either noodles or bread with lunch at Panera, but today I’m not going to do that.  It’s not a huge deal, but it takes some mental energy to get out of default mode.  Last, we make a lot of one dish meals at home.  Tonight will be an experiment in learning how to prepare enough food that we are satisfied without an added grain.

I hope to report tonight or tomorrow morning that I had a successful, guilt-free rest day.


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