Daily check in

I did my upper body lifting session this morning plus I rode my bike to and from work and did 2 rounds up and down the stairs at lunch time.  It was good to get back into lifting after my week away, but I was disappointed that I wasn’t stronger in a few lifts.  My push-ups felt a bit tired, too.  I’ve read that a good goal when weight training is to try to do something new every week- increase the weight or decrease the rest time- on at least one lift.  I’m not sure if that works in practice, though.  Some days you just feel a bit off and aren’t able to bump things up the way you want to.

Yesterday was my first  100% grain free day (if you don’t count the communion wafer and fortune cookie at lunch, which I don’t)!  I decided not to post until today to make sure there were no slip-ups before bedtime.   It wasn’t a “perfect” eating day- whatever that means- but I was happy that I was able to set a goal and achieve it.  Because I’ve been eating a certain way for so long, it’s easy for me to say, “Oh it won’t really matter if I…” but then I have to remind myself that if it didn’t matter, and what I had been doing before had been working for me, then I wouldn’t be making a big life change.

Today I’m grain free except for my breakfast (oatmeal) right after my workout.  I’m a bit more hungry today, but I’m hanging in there.  I have a sort of non-specific bored hungry thing going on where I’m not craving bready stuff, but because those are my “default” foods, being hungry makes me want to eat them.  Tonight we are going to help out at Study Day at the church and are planning to mooch food for dinner there.  I don’t think it’ll be a problem to stick to my plan because there should be lots of fruits and veggies there, and I can always dissect a sandwich for protein, but there will also be a lot of tempting treats around.

Hopefully I’ll be able to report back that I was able to stick to my eating goals.  I’m also hoping to have my camera up and running again tomorrow so I can add some pictures to the blog.


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