Daily Update

I didn’t make time to post yesterday so this is going to be a double daily update.


Got in a good run this morning.  I did 4 miles with 2 miles tempo in the middle.  The first one was at 8:05 min/mile pace and the second was at 7:55 min/ mile.  That’s pretty good for me- especially the day after a leg workout- so I was pleased.  I’m still having just the slightest bit of nagging tightness in my upper hamstring, but I’m taking care to stretch and roll out my whole right leg and hip after I run.

Yesterday was leg day.  I’m still working on getting good depth on my squats.  I’ve picked a weight for my work sets that’s not hard but not easy, and I’m focusing more on depth and good form than adding weight.  My right hip is kind of weak and wobbly so I have to really watch to make sure it stays in correct alignment.


I’m hanging in there, and not eating grains between breakfast and dinner is getting easier.  I’m figuring out what I need to eat for lunch to fill me up without relying on my old friends Mr. Pretzels and Mrs. Sub Sandwich.  Dinner tonight will be chicken on the George Foreman grill.  That thing is great.

Finding Balance

I spent a few minutes yesterday looking at a Facebook friend’s marathon race photos, and I admit, it made me jealous.  I was jealous of her accomplishments and jealous of how happy distance running obviously made her.   I wanted to be that smiling girl at the finish line.  But I had to remind myself that just because I’m not training for a marathon this year, doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen again.  I have a lot of years ahead of me to run, and it’s much more important that I take a step back and get my life in balance and- if I decide to add in some distace again- I do it slowly and in the right way.


One response to “Daily Update

  1. I like my George Foreman too. Such a time saver.

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