Daily Update


Got in a good run yesterday morning.  6.25 mi in 56 minutes, which is slightly under a 9 min/mile pace.  That’s good for me, especially because it was super windy at some points.  Today is a rest day, but I hope to get in a walk to enjoy the weather.


We made grilled chicken with strawberry avocado salsa from the current issue of Cooking Light.  It was super simple and tasty.  

Also, I finally realized that it’s my rechargable batteries not recharging anymore that’s making my camera die after a single picture, so I’m getting new batteries and will hopefully have pictures on here soon.

Finding Balance

Today is my rest day, and I admit I still struggle with the idea that I need to rest and recover even if I’m not running a crazy number of miles per week.  In the past, when my long runs were probably too long for my base mileage, all I could do was veg on Sundays.  Now it’s more of a choice.  

Which brings me to my next rest day struggle: choosing to do sedentery activities.  I have a sedentery job during the week, so I feel kind of bad sitting on my butt on the weekend.  I don’t mean I don’t do anything.  For example, this morning I’m doing laundry, which requires me to lug our clothes and sheets up and down stairs.  I’ll also go for a walk to enjoy the weather.  But I won’t be up and active all the time.  D. and I checked out Get Smart from the RedBox to watch this afternoon, and I have a project I really need to finish that requires seated work.  

I guess my hope is that one day I’ll be able to just enjoy what I do every day without judgement.  Workout days and rest days and rainy days and cold days all indicate different behavior, but one is not better than another- just different.  If that makes sense…   




One response to “Daily Update

  1. I so understand your last paragraph. I have the same problem with my sedentary job.

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